Book apartment quickly and easily

When booking apartments or rooms it is necessary to fill the query .

Enquiry can be made by filling and sending the form directly to the website, sending a query to fax or SMS.

After the query is sent, expect information about availability of apartments or room, in short period of time.

In case of free terms, you will get NOTICE OF INQUIRY (by mail, fax or SMS) with information about accommodation rates for requested period, payment instructions and deadline for payment of reserved services.

After payment we will deliver CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION WITH VOUCHER to you.

Reservation is not valid till The Only One Apartments & Suites send CONFIRMATION OF RESERVATION WITH VOUCHER.

When you receive Confirmation of reservation with voucher, reservation is secured.

In case there are no vacant apartments you will receive NOTICE OF OCCUPANCY OF APARTMENTS.

If you, for any reason, want to cancel reservation, please do it on time, or possibly at the moment when you find out that apartment won’t be needed. Please, cancel reservation by mail, fax or SMS.

The Only One Apartments & Suites will be your good host at some other occasion.