Price list for apartment rental per day

Price list of accommodation in The Only one Apartment & Suites

Type of accommodationPrice for room rental per dayDaily from 10AM until 5PM
Single room 2.500,00 1.500,00
Double/Tween room 3.000,00 2.200,00
Triple room 4.000,00 2.800,00
Quadruple room 4.500,00 3.300,00
Room for 5 persons 5.000,00 4.000,00
Room for 6 persons 5.300,00 /

All rates are in Serbian Dinars (RSD) per room, per day, with included local tourist tax.
Tourist tax is 130,00 RSD per person, per day.
Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.

Advance payment for reservation of accommodation is 20% of the total value of reserved services, and it is payable to ACCOUNT NUMBER:
160-0500100147958-47 Banca Intesa AD Belgrade.